Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Churros Project

I have heard about churros long before I managed to give it a try at One Utama. That was my first and probably will be the last one. Don't get me wrong, the churros there was good. But, since i have stumbled upon the churros recipe by Joy the Baker, i don't have to look further to One Utama (no pun intended). Never have I thought that it was sooo easy to make. 

And so I gave it a try, and made it for dinner. Yes, not good, I know. But there is nothing wrong with eating dessert wholly for dinner, right? Even my husband who is not a pastry lover likes it so much that he requested that I make it again the next day. 

So when my girlfriends and I decided to have a potluck party I know I have to make the churros. Girls and desserts are a perfect combo don't you think? And guys, take this, if for some reasons you don't wanna buy us shoes, just indulge us with desserts and we'll be fine (ok, I just made that up).

And again, during the potluck churros was a hit among my girlfriends. I'm so glad they really like it.:) 

Thank you Joy!
Photo courtesy of Almiraz


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  2. I love it!...it was really a big hit...buleh buat biz ni...heheh...finally i've made mine too


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